Unique set up because of the 90 Âșangle of the coast, that creates a captive beach, no getting lost at sea, we are inside of the Golfo Dulce. THE WINDS: With winds from 12 to 25 miles an hour, the spot is very safe to learn . The thermal wind starts to blow around 11am, quits around 4pm. Side shore wind. The best wind is from december to August. But I have kited up to 10 days a month in the off season. Wave riding spots for more experienced kiters.


3 days package for $495. That include 8 hours of class, and equipment to learn. a 6 days package for $500, with around 18 hours of class. Individual lesson of 3 hours for $200. First you will learn wind basics, and kite control on the beach. Then kite control in the water, waterstart, and body dragging. The third step is to go out with the complete set up, kite and board. We recommend booties , hat and sun’s screen.