Learn to surf with Agua Vida Surf! We teach the basics on a safe and secluted beach. Our experienced instructors can get you to ride small to big waves in Pavones area.

Learn to surf in Costa Rica, Pavones!

We teach on a secluded beach, away from other surfers. It is a gentle peeling wave, with easy sections to navigate down the line (not straight toward the beach). It is a shady beach with easy access: a great way to experience prone surfing. Classes starts at 7:30/ 8 am Each class lasts around 2 hours. We provide the board and the coconut water to keep you hydrated. You will need sun screen and a rash guard. A hat is recommended.


  • $45 per class per person

A complete beginner will start on a long board. Then will slowly ride smaller and smaller boards. Our instructor will teach you to paddle out, go over waves, position yourself at the pic and on the board. Safety, waves reading, weather, duck diving, navigating down the line, surf etiquette will be taught in every lesson. Novice and intermediate surfers will enjoy this wave to expand their repertoire.